The Parables, Prophecies, and Prayers of Jesus

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Take a Look Inside The Parables, Prophecies, and Prayers of Jesus

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Title Page
About the Author
The Pre-exitsence of Jesus
Jesus the Teacher
Jesus the Counselor
The Fulness of the Spirit
The Parables of Jesus
1. The Sower
2. The Tares
3. The Growing Seed
4. The Mustard Seed
5. The Leaven
6. The Hidden Treasure
7. The Pearl of Great Price
8. The Net
9. The Lost Sheep
10. The Unforgiving Servant
11. The Workers in the Vineyard
12. The Two Sons
13. The Wicked Vinedressers
14. The Wedding of the King’s Son
15. The Great Supper
16. The Ten Virgins
17. The Talents
18. The Good Samaritan
19. The Rich Fool
20. The Barren Fig Tree
21. The Wedding Feast
22. The Lost Coin
23. The Prodigal Son
24. The Dishonest Manager
25. The Rich Man and Lazarus
26. The Persistent Widow
27. The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
28. The Minas
The Prophecies of Jesus
Prediction 1
Prediction 2
Prediction 3
Prediction 4
Prediction 5
Prediction 6
Prediction 7
Prediction 8
Prediction 9
Prediction 10
Prediction 11
Prediction 12
Prediction 13
Prediction 14
The Prayers of Jesus
Jesus Prays for Himself
Jesus Prays for His Disciples
Jesus Prays for All Believers
Jesus: Prophet, Priest, and King
Jesus the Prophet
Jesus the Priest
Jesus the King