Sam Harris: The End of Faith and Religion: His Unsubstantiated Arguments


Today I began reading perhaps the most unsubstantiated and misinformed commentaries on religion and faith that has ever been written. Just 1 chapter into the book” The end of faith, religion and terror… by Sam Harris, I was struck by the author’s complete ignorance in the subjects that he claims to expertly criticize..

It is always interesting when a person becomes and instant expert in matters which he has very little training. Sam Harris offers more of a metaphysical view of religion than religion itself.

What is very surprising is that so many people have purchased this book with the sincere belief that it is based on facts. When we examine the actual logic that Sam uses to sell his agenda, from the beginning of the book, it appears that this is a work of fiction rather than fact. In reading the claims of Sam Harris, I would imagine that it must have been written while the author was in Switzerland, because like their cheese, this book is full of so many holes. Continue reading “Sam Harris: The End of Faith and Religion: His Unsubstantiated Arguments”