The Purpose and Function of Jesus Church


What is the correct role and function of the Christian church in the world today? Upon careful examination of the Bible, we discover that the church has become something far different from what God intended she be. Rather than the political or moral policeman of society, God intended that the church would be His voice to the world–in declaring who His Messiah is and the great love which He has for the world.

Today, many people are greatly offended by the behavior of those who call themselves “Christians,” and for good reason. There have been thousands of atrocities committed by those who claim to be followers of Jesus–which He never sanctioned, nor did He ever intend for His church.

Jesus desire is that His church would become an extension of Himself. The words, actions, and love that He brought to the world 2,000 years ago–should be exhibited by those who claim to follow Him. The problem with the church of Jesus today is that it has become a religious institution–rather than a living organism, a living body, a manifestation of the true person of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “The Purpose and Function of Jesus Church”