The Enduring Myth of Jesus


Many people in the world get so caught up in whether God exists, the Bible is reliable, or Jesus is a myth—while missing the most important part of the story: The Love.

Whatever a person might think about people who claim that they are “Christian,” though their behavior is far from that of Christ—there can be no denying the power of Jesus Love.

The story of God coming to earth as a baby and living amongst us—only to die 33 1/2 years later for the sins of the world, is unparalleled in the history of the world.

If someone made this story up, or if it was intended as a fabrication or myth—it is an extraordinary myth.

Who would write a story about a man who is poor, without a home, who claims that he came to die for the wrongs of others—only to be brutally butchered on a Roman cross. Sounds more like a failure than a triumph. Most people are not really attracted to that kind of story. Continue reading “The Enduring Myth of Jesus”