Are Christians Who Judge Others, Hypocrites?


Yes. Those who judge the sins of others, while maintaining problems with their own moral behavior, are hypocrites. 

By this definition, every person on the planet is a hypocrite. There is not one of us who is capable of perfection in all of our actions and words. This is what the word “sinner” means. One who has fallen short, the goal of perfection. Does this mean that no person should ever speak against the wrongful actions of another? No of course not. If this were true, a judge sitting before an accused, jury, and the attending witnesses for the trial, could not judge a person of any wrongful action. For all judges, are also themselves—sinners. Continue reading “Are Christians Who Judge Others, Hypocrites?”

Jesus Elevates His Authority Above All Other Authority


When Jesus spoke, He did not speak as other men. Jesus intended that every word He uttered–be interpreted as the words of the Living God. It is clear from the narrative of the four gospels that the disciples of Jesus understood that He was claiming equality with God. Jesus described His authority in teaching the true intent of God’s law, as coming from God Himself. Jesus clearly described Himself as the Author of all the words and laws of God. This assertion is in close alignment with the Hebrew prophets who described the Messiah as coming to earth with the very authority of God Himself. Continue reading “Jesus Elevates His Authority Above All Other Authority”