An Impossible Universe


Questions regarding the origin of the universe are not purely philosophical

There are those who make assertions that there is no evidence for the existence of God. Others claim that the universe exists by purely naturalistic causes.

Are these claims true, and is there credible evidence to believe in the existence of God and that intelligence is a crucial and absolute necessity for the beginning of the universe?

There have been two problems with attempting to set forth these principles:

One: many of the non-theists, particularly those in the 18-29 age group, notoriously refute the questions of why the universe exists, based on the aged and impeached argument that questions for the origin of the universe are entirely philosophical, and not scientific.

Two: The problem in seeking to make a scholarly answer to these questions, due to the fact that all the material tends to become overwhelming to the reader. Continue reading “An Impossible Universe”

How God Keeps His Promises, Despite Impossible Circumstances


Every year of our lives, we are faced with circumstances that sometimes appear impossible to overcome. We have two choices: we can become discouraged and give up, or we can trust in the Lord–who has the ability to overcome any difficult circumstance.

We see this ability demonstrated over and over again, by the lives of real people–in the Old Testament. David, though he was a man who failed miserably in many of the decisions that he made during his life, the Lord was still faithful to keep the promises that He had made to this imperfect man.

Some of the ways in which the Lord brought about the fulfillment of His promises–are truly miraculous. Though some obstacles were clearly impossible for men, with God nothing is impossible. Continue reading “How God Keeps His Promises, Despite Impossible Circumstances”