How Messianic Prophecy is Determined


Upon a search of the internet for Messianic Prophecies, there are several sources that assert that the Bible does not contain prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Further, critics of Hebrew prophecy claim that none of the claimed prophecies of the scriptures were intended as prophetic during their writing.

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How to Determine if an Old Testament Scripture is Prophetic


What is the criteria that is considered in determining whether a particular Old Testament Scripture is prophetic in nature and a possible candidate for fulfillment by the Messiah? Many obscure verses of the Old Testament appear at first glance–to have little or no relevance to Messiah. It is interesting that Peter made use of a particular method of interpreting Old Testament references in light of what Jesus said and did–which has been used by Rabbi’s for thousands of years.

Exegetical principles

According to the second Midrashic exegetical rule, called the Middot, originated by Rabbi Hillel: where the same words or concepts appear in two separate scriptures, we are to give the same consideration in applying both scriptures to the same subject[2].

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